A Classic Wedgehead... VOLLEY!
1976 Gottlieb

Another vintage Gottlieb drop-target classic... VOLLEY!  This game was produced in 1976 by Gottlieb, the number one mechanical pinball machine manufacturer in the WORLD! Gottlieb mechanical pinball machines, especially the "wedgehead" style from the 60's and 70's are widely regarded as the most collectable and desirable games of the mechanical era. With their classic artwork, nostalgic themes and inventive gameplay, they are as fun to look at and play today as they were 30-40 years ago. This game in particular is a rarely-seen and sought-after title. With it's rows and rows of FIFTEEN drop targets, this game has high player-appeal. This is a classic Gottlieb sports-themed drop target game that keeps you coming back for more!

You'll love the old-time chimebox sounds and mechanical scoring that this game has to offer. Reminds me of a simpler time when lives were less complicated and pinball ruled the arcades, corner stores and bowling alleys of America. This game has all the great Gottlieb features that everyone loves. From the banks of drop targets, to the pop bumpers, sling shots and rollovers, it will bring entertainment and delight for years on end! The beautiful tennis themed artwork on this machine makes it a pleasure to look at and will add a unique conversation piece to your home. All of your friends will want one! This classic and family-friendly theme goes great in any home gameroom!

The playfield on this game is in gorgeous original condition with no touch-ups and original factory clear-coat shines like glass. The playfield plastics are all in great original condition and the lane guides, plastic posts and flippers are brand new. All of the playfield metal has been polished. The painted backglass is in very nice original condition on this game with minimal paint flaking. The cabinet is in excellent condition, original paint with minimal blemishes and touch-ups. This game plays excellent, just like it did in 1976!

Here are just some of the things that were done to this machine:

    * All stepper units have been serviced as needed
    * Mechanical relays have been cleaned and adjusted as needed
    * Fuses checked for proper type and value
    * Cabinet has been cleaned inside and out
    * All glass and glass channels are cleaned
    * BRAND NEW coin door lock
    * BRAND NEW backbox lock
    * Chrome legs have been polished
    * BRAND NEW leg bolts installed
    * BRAND NEW leg levelers (feet) installed
    * BRAND NEW coin-inserts
    * Playfield was completely stripped, detailed and waxed
    * Burned lamps have been replaced
    * Fresh white rubber has been installed
    * Bumpers and slingshots have been fully serviced
    * Flippers have been fully serviced
    * BRAND NEW flipper bats
    * BRAND NEW playfield posts
    * BRAND NEW lane guides
    * BRAND NEW center drop-targets installed
    * BRAND NEW ball shooter installed
    * BRAND NEW mirror finish ball has been installed
    * BRAND NEW score and instruction cards
    * A full diagnostic test was performed
    * Original paperwork and spare light bulbs are included

A beautiful vintage cabinet with original stenciled artwork!

Polished chrome legs with new bolts and levelers!  New coin inserts and a new lock!  New ball shooter!

Classic silk-screened original backglass artwork!

Can you believe this playfield is over 35 years old?!

Triple rollovers and pop-bumpers up top!  BRAND NEW lane guides and plastic posts!

Look at all of these DROP TARGETS!

BRAND NEW flippers and score cards!

This vintage classic Gottlieb playfield shines like a mirror!

A complete set of ORIGINAL paperwork including schematics, operator manual, score cards,
warranty card and MORE!  Spare light bulbs are included too!